Whisky playlist

Anne-Sophie from The Whisky Lady picks her Whisky Playlist

After our popular Vodka Playlist article we’ve decided to ask some of our favourite spirit specialists to pick a playlist to match their spirit of choice. This week we have the lovely Anne-Sophie from The Whisky Lady who has chosen her Whisky playlist.

We know music can affect your mood, new research suggesting even sad music can boost happiness, but did you know music can also affect your taste buds.

A scientific study in Belgium tested this with beer, where participants tasted beer and then noted the strength & taste. What they didn’t know was that they were given the same beer but with different music playing in the background.

At the end of the study scientists discovered that sound informs the perceived taste of the beer i.e. sweetness, bitterness & alcohol content.

Listening to a “Disney Style Track” made the beer appear sweeter, while a “Heavy Rock Track” made it appear bitter.

The study showed the huge potential of sound enhanced eating/ drinking experiences, something Heston Blumental is already practising.

We asked Anne-Sophie to chose the favourite songs she likes to listen to when enjoying Whisky.

Now this playlist isn’t scientifically proven to enhance the taste of Whisky, but have a listen below and you may find it¬†taking a sweeter or sour turn ¬¶

The last song is a special shout out for fellow Whisky women.