Perfect Valentine's Gin

Gins for Him and Her!

The perfect Valentine’s Day is spent with love in the air and gin in your glass. With a wealth of gins on the market, our friends over at The Gin Guide have picked out some of the finest options for gifts to your other half, from pink gin to the manliest gins out there.

Gins for Him!

The stereotype used to be that whiskey and spiced rum were the best spirits when buying gifts for men, but in recent years gin has become the drink of choice for many men, and we’ve picked out two options that are certain to be well received.

Bulldog Gin

Here the name says it all when it comes to choosing a gin for him. Bold and British, Bulldog has a distinctive bottle and a complex taste thanks for the combination of twelve botanicals. Bulldog gin is very drinkable and very good value for money, being smooth and light, and a perfect choice for making gin cocktails with.

Serving Suggestion: We enjoy drinking Bulldog Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a garnish of black pepper.

Langley’s No.8 Gin

Langley’s No.8 is one of the only gins to pitch itself specifically at the male audience. Distilled in the West Midlands at the renowned Langley’s Distillery, this gin has been developed with men’s taste buds in mind, with a focus on bold, complex flavours and not too much sweetness. In reality it’s a gin that everyone with enjoy.

Serving Suggestion: We enjoy drinking Langley’s No.8 in a martini, or with Fever Tree Tonic Water and lemon zest.


Gins for Her!

Female-targeted gins are a little easier to come across, but which are the real deal and which will be sure to impress?

Pinkster Gin

Initially we were wary of a pink gin, but it’s by no means a gimmick. The bottle and colour of the gin make it stand out from the crowd, as does the taste. Pinkster Gin combines the crucial juniper with raspberry and black pepper (plus two other botanicals that are kept as a closely guarded secret), without the result being too sweet or preventing the juniper from still coming through.

Serving Suggestion: We enjoy drinking Pinkster Gin with Fentimans Tonic Water and a garnish of mint.

Bloom Gin

Another beautiful bottle and a story of female empowerment to back it up. Bloom Gin is the creation of Joanne Moore, the Head Distiller at major distillery G&J Greenall’s, making her one of the only female Head Distillers in the world. As per its name, Bloom Gin has floral tones which come through from the botanicals which include honeysuckle and chamomile – all inspired by the “English Country Garden”.

Serving Suggestion: We enjoy drinking Bloom Gin with soda water and strawberries, or in a Gin and Tonic with Fentimans Tonic Water and mint.

Read a full review and tasting notes for Bloom Gin here.

A Special Mention

Broken Heart Gin

Not just a cheap joke in this context, Broken Heart Gin was created in New Zealand by a German distiller in memory of his distilling partner. It is a celebration of friendship and their shared dream and their love of gin. It is also a celebration of great gin, with a subtlety and smoothness combining with a little spiciness.

Serving Suggestion: We enjoy drinking Broken Heart Gin with Fever Tree Tonic Water and a twist of orange.

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