Take a trip down Rum Row

We've picked out the finest small batch rums for the Spirit Show


There’s no other spirit category outside of rum that can claim such diversity in terms of production style and flavour profile; and The Spirit Show allows you to explore all those rummy points on the sugarcane spirits compass at a pace to suit you.

First of all we have our Rum masterclass: The History of Rum in Four Cocktails.

Join Peter Holland (one half of, writer, presenter and all round “Rum Guy” and Georgi Radev (Rum and Tiki expert, Bar Manager at the world famous Mahiki in Mayfair, and co-founder of The Spirit of Tiki event) as they take you on a sipping trip through history, taking in four key cocktails that help reveal the diversity within the category of rum and the versatility of the greatest spirit in the world. Join us as we move from Cuban Classic, to Tiki cornerstone to the ultimate beach drink.

And then we have some exceptional rums at the show…

When you think of rum, most people’s thoughts will run to the Caribbean and let’s face it, it’s not a bad place to start. Well we’ve fine representation from Barbados in Rum Sixty-Six, a delicious example of Bajan rum produced at the award winning Foursquare Distillery.

Need something a little bolder in character? Then perhaps the pure pot still, unmistakably Jamaican Rum-Bar Rum will satisfy your needs? Ron Cubay brings an elegant touch of Cuba to proceedings, but the Caribbean connection doesn’t end there ¦ We’ve rums from St Vincent (Sunset Rum), Grenada (Westerhall), Martinique (Rhum H.S.E.) and Roat¡n (Pirates Grog) as well.

Cast your eye to the southern side of the Caribbean, to the north of South America and you’ll find Colombia, the home of Dictador rum and the inspiration for Revolver Rum. And still the story continues… Head to the Indian ocean, to Mauritius and you’ll find the Medine Distillery, home to the delicately spiced Pink Pigeon and Penny Blue. Both rums can be found on the Berry Bros & Rudd stand alongside other fine spirits. Continuing to on to India, you’ll find Wild Tiger Rum with its unmistakable packaging and charitable heart.

How about a little closer to home? Well, Canyero is a fine example of a honey rum (Ron Miel) produced in Spain. It’s a blend of Caribbean rums that are then sweetened to form a rum liqueur and this sweeter style is sure to please fans of spiced rum. In fact, spiced rum is the fastest growing sub-category in the UK, and you’ll find a great contrasting example in Parlay which is produced here in England. Surprised? Well if you thought rum was a spirit of the Caribbean, then think again “The Spirit Show” can take you on a whirlwind trip around the world!

So we’ve rums in a lighter tasting style, produced on column stills, rums in a heavier flavour produced on pot stills, and rums that blend both pot and column together! We’ve got aged and unaged, spiced and flavoured rums. We’ve got independent bottlings in the form of Duncan Taylor and unmistakable presentations in the form of Deadhead Rum “and yes“ I promise there’s not another like it on the market right now and you’ll know it when you see it!


All the rums mentioned so far are made from fermented molasses, but we’ve still more to reveal. Zeca de Matos is a wonderful cachaca from Brazil and is produced from fermented sugarcane juice. Its this difference in source that imparts a whole world of tasting differences over the more familiar molasses base that we are used to here in the UK.

For those interested in trying the sugarcane juice cousin to cachaca, namely rhum agricole then we need to revisit the excellent Rhum H.S.E., or Habitation Saint-Etienne to give its full name. Rhum Agricole is also produced from fermented sugarcane juice, so just like cachaca, you can expect it to taste a little different. The cellar masters of Martinique are good at a number of things, and maturation is one of them. Rhum HSE are particularly expert in the world of cask management and you can experience this first hand.

So, there you have it, the story of rum to be told and explored at The Spirit Show. Cheers!

All rums mentioned above will be at the Spirit Show.

Tickets to the show start from just £25 

All tickets include UNLIMITED tastings from over 200 of the world’s finest spirits, a delicious meal at the Street Food Village and a limited edition tasting glass.