Essential Spring Vodka

Our top vodka picks for Spring

The lovely Veronika from Girls.Drink.Vodka. gives us the lowdown on the hottest vodkas you should be drinking this season.

The Vodka industry is recently experiencing a new revolution caused mainly by the independent producers that aim to deliver a smooth and visually attractive product. The Combination of traditional and innovative methods of distilling, use of local ingredients & custom-made stills enable the distillers to produce the highest quality spirits. Vodka is one of the most dynamic categories in the spirits industry and it is largely influenced by the consumer demands.

Despite the widely held view, all vodkas are not the same.

Here are the top vodka picks you should try this spring:


D1 London Vodka

D1 London Potato Vodka is something new and something unusual. It strikes you with its beautiful bottle design. The reversible bottle features Jacky Tsai’s Stained Glass Skull on a clear canvas. The taste is ultra-fine with creamy aromas of buttery potatoes on the one hand, and herbaceous and spicy on the other. D1 Potato Vodka certainly is a celebration of taste and art.

Vestal Vodka

Vestal Vodka is flavourful Polish potato vodka with a clean and long lasting taste, excellent to savour neat. It makes a perfect base for a martini.You should try the Vestal Vintage Varieties at their Ladies and Gents bar in Kentish Town. My personal recommendation is Vestal Vodka Truffle Martini at the London Cocktail Club.

Goral Vodka Master

Born in the heart of Tatra Mountains in Slovakia Goral Vodka Master is exceptional vodka with a soft, clean and timeless taste. The secret of Goral Vodka Master lies in the use of high quality winter wheat. Its unique character is intensified by a 7-column distillation and 7-fold filtration through special blend of natural materials that guarantee its smoothness. Creamy taste followed by hints of spice and citrus – easy-to-drink vodka with well-balanced flavours.


East London Liquor Company Vodka

You simply have to visit East London Liquor Company and their distillery. The interior swallows you the minute you walk in and when you try the East London Liquor Company Vodka you won’t be able to resist. It is produced using 100% British wheat and distilled in a copper pot still on site, which gives the vodka inimitable and incredibly smooth character. The advantage is also a very affordable price.

Sauvelle Vodka

Sauvelle is state-of-the-art vodka for well?travelled, free?spirited, bon vivant vodka drinkers. It is a truly independent, small batch, 100% natural crafted vodka made at a micro distillery in the Charente region of Cognac. Sauvelle is smooth, modern, crafted vodka, which takes its name from the French for wild and beautiful. Definitely worth a try!

Babi?ka Vodka

If you want to try something different, try Babi?ka Vodka. Born in the historic region of Moravia in the east of the Czech Republic, Babi?ka Vodka has a unique wormwood flavor combined with a touch of fennel and anise. Distilled from the finest Moravian corn, Babi?ka Vodka will charm you not just with its unique taste, but also with a beautifully designed bottle minimalistic packaging with frosted glass and wooden bottle stopper.

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