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Neil Ridley & Joel Harrison on what to expect in their expert masterclasses


Ah, spirits! Created through the science of distillation, high in alcohol and often then matured in oak or flavoured with herbs and botanicals, it can seem that these liquors are inapproachable, inhospitable and downright complicated! But not so. In their rawest form, spirits can be enjoyed as a sippable delight. They can be served over ice or with a drizzle of water. Take these spirits and mix them with juices, shake them with egg white or stir them down with vermouth and they become that most wonderful of things, a cocktail.

That is the aim of the Spirits Show, to help unlock the secret of spirits and, through a series of master classes we have a team of experts to pull the magnifying glass over these magnificent drinks, to unlock these libations and make them accessible and understandable.

Take gin, for example; it’s a wonderful thing. A simple spirit on the face of things, it brings together the wonderful flavours of the juniper berry, coupled with a spectrum of flavours and aromas from a wide variety of different herbs and botanicals. Quite simply, gin is a tapestry of taste like no other spirit around.

But how is it made? What is juniper? Why is does it taste like it does, and how did something which has its roots in the Netherlands, end up as the quintessential British spirit?

These questions will be answered in the “Blend your own gin” masterclass, where our resident spirits experts and award winning writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley will take you on a journey of juniper, looking at how it became the heart of gin, before you get a chance to have a go for yourself, putting together a unique gin of your own. Just don’t forget to develop a great name for your creation while you’re at it ¦ there will be a prize for the best in show!

We will be holding masterclasses looking at the wonderful world of spirits, taking you on an odyssey of distillations that are rarely heard of, but growing in popularity and guaranteed to tingle your tastebuds. From Mezcal to Mastika, taking in South America, Europe and the Far East, this is a class not to be missed for those of you wanting a truly unique drinking experience coupled with entertaining education.

With a focus on rum, whisky and vodka too, the Spirits Show Masterclasses are a great opportunity to be educated by some of the best spirits experts around.

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All tickets to the Spirit Show include UNLIMITED tastings from over 200 of the world’s finest spirits, a delicious meal at the Street Food Village and a limited edition tasting glass.

Tickets from just £40.