McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin

McQueen Gin expands signature botanical range


We’re thrilled to have McQueen Gin showcasing their gins at the Spirit Show London. McQueen Gin started with the desire to create extraordinary gins in unusual flavours. Their core range includes: Chocolate Mint Gin, Sweet Citrus Gin, Mocha Gin and Smokey Chilli Gin.

They are expanding their range with the launch of Spiced Chocolate Orange gin.

Tasting Notes:-
upfront orange and juniper – followed on by a series of spices in the background with a overarching rich chocolate-ness throughout.

Bursting with flavour the first hit of orange is entwined with the more floral juniper notes

The orange then takes center stage with the spices building in the background.

Rich cocoa then envelops the palate for a moment and leaves you with a lingering zesty spice.

Dale McQueen, Joint Owner and Managing Director of Trossachs Distillery said, “The market for unique craft Gin with signature botanicals is rapidly growing. We want to build on our success since our launch in June 2016, when we launched a world’s first with our 4 initial Gins and their very unique flavours.

We will continue to break into new markets and deliver something very special to our customers. McQueen Gin will continue to develop new and exciting products, which will break some of the traditions of Gin making. With our new Head Distiller Danny Gowrie, we see no limit to what can be created and delivered to Gin fans across the world.”

Vicky McQueen, joint Owner and Director said, “ We are extremely proud of all our gins, this Spiced Chocolate Orange adds yet another dimension to our collection, showing our skill in using all types of unusual botanicals directly in the distillation process”.

The new Gin will be launched using our unique eye catching cobalt blue 50cl ceramic bottles; and new for this launch, we move to using wax seals – a different colour to represent the different gins. We have also added a name label to the front to help with identification. The Gin will also become available in a 10cl bottle in our 4-pack gift selection. All McQueen Gin is 42% abv. clear spirit.