Find the perfect happy hour in London with Mappihour!


MappiHour is a super simple concept as an on demand happy hour website covering a multitude of areas in London. London’s nightlife is notoriously expensive and their aim is to bridge the gap between a healthy bank balance and an incredible social life.

They have been built in a super-bespoke way as a website which means:

a) no fussy downloading from the app store
b) mega easy and super slick use over any device including desktop

MappiHour gives you happy hour search results to reflect those deals which are on at the very time you search – very useful for when you’re wandering around with your phone trying to decide where to park yourself for the evening and something which has been extremely popular with people who use the site regularly.

Not only can you view happy hours by list but you can also zoom in on the happy hours closest to you and your location for all of those spur of the moment kind of evenings.

They have also recently introduced a newsroom to instil all of their happy hour knowledge on their users.

We love a happy hour but please remember to drink responsibly, for more info see here.

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