Celebrating True Character

the launch of Belfast Jawbox Gin


There was a time in Belfast when the front door was left unlocked. When the kitchen was the scullery. And in the scullery stood the big sink. A lot of craic was heard around the old jawbox.

And now there will be again – with the arrival of ‘Belfast Cut’ Jawbox Gin.

Jawbox was created to reflect something very special about Belfast – the real character of the city and its people. It is the first single-estate gin produced in Ireland, a classic dry gin like no other. For a start, the makers actually grow their own grain, use water from their own well and distil their own spirit before adding fragrant botanicals such as Black Mountain heather, coriander seed and angelica root. All here in Northern Ireland.

This degree of control over the entire process is what gives Jawbox it’s unique character.

The same meticulous approach is reflected in the images used to promote Jawbox – Belfast faces of real character captured by a traditional 1800’s technique called wet plate photography.

It’s tricky and it takes time, but the results are worth it – full of extraordinary richness and detail. Just like the taste of Jawbox itself.

Despite everything that our digitised, globalised, want-it-yesterday world says, some things just can’t be rushed – which is always a good indication of true character.

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