Goral Vodka Master

Introducing the first Slovakian Vodka available on the UK Market


Developed centuries ago as an elixir, vodka has long been a part of the world’s spirit heritage. For vodka lovers and people who appreciate the taste of vodka it is not only pure alcohol; it is nectar of the gods. Karla & co. Spirits together with Gas Familia distillery are introducing Goral Vodka Master the first Slovakian vodka on the UK market.

The secret of award winning Goral Vodka master lies in the use of high quality winter wheat. Born in the heart of tatra mountains in Slovakia Goral Vodka Master is an exceptional vodka with a soft, clean and crisp taste.

Made at Gas Familia Distillery, Goral Vodka Master combines selected durum wheat varieties that undergo 7 column distillation. It is softened by water from tatra springs and its unique character is intensified by a 7 fold filtration through special blend of natural materials that guarantee its smoothness. Goral vodka master has been created by Jan Krak, Gas Familia master distiller, who had been trying to find the perfect taste for years. He says: ‘I have strived to perfect the distilling process to produce a smooth, clean and timeless tasting vodka.’

We spoke to Veronika Karlova from Karla & Co Spirits to find out more about Goral Vodka Master.


What was the inspiration behind creating Goral?

The main idea behind Goral Vodka was to create something that would reflect on Slovakian Traditions. GAS Familia Master Distiller had been trying to find a perfect taste for years.

Why the name Goral?

Goral is a person that lives in the highest peaks of Tatra Mountains, Slovakia and who excels in physical strength as well as spiritual purity.

What makes Goral Vodka Master such a unique vodka?

Slovakia is a country with long vodka traditions and heritage which we want to share with the rest of the world. It is the first Slovakian vodka available on the UK market.

We’ve heard top baristas and experts rave about Goral Vodka, what makes it so special?

Goral Vodka Master is 7 times distilled, using a specially selected winter wheat, that is planted and harvested in the High Tatras region. It is also 7 times filtered through a natural materials (diamond dust especially shipped from South Africa).

So there you have it, all the reasons you should be drinking Goral Vodka! For more info on stockists follow Karla & Co Spirits!