Get to Know The Rum Club

In our “Get to Know” series we offer a deeper insight into the incredible brands we have coming to the Spirit Show London. Highlighting the wonderful people and intricate processes behind the brands.

Tell us a bit about The Rum Club

The Rum Club is an exclusive members only club which provides our members hassle free access to the finest rums in the world. On joining The Rum Club you will receive an excellent initial package and then every 2 months our members are given the opportunity to buy a premium rum from our Rum List.

What rums will you be bringing to the Spirit Show?

Westerhall Vintage, form Grenada – now rebranded as No.10, this is our membership rum and is one, if not the best example of what The Rum Club is all about.

We will also be bringing Captain Bligh from St Vincent, Pirate’s Grog from Roatan, and several rums from our list.

Why should people try the Rum Club?

If you enjoy trying new things, learning a little about what you are trying and building a collection of a premium spirit, but don’t want to have to work too hard for that experience, then The Rum Club is for you. Hassle free collection of premium quality sipping rums.

Are these best enjoyed mixed or neat?

All of our rums are top quality premium sipping rums, so are best served with some ice, in your favourite tumbler, sitting in your most comfortable chair. Or with friends, putting the world to rights.


The Rum Club is aiming to promote the understanding and awareness of rum throughout the UK. We wish to educate our target demographic that rum really is a better alternative to whisky.

It is fun, versatile and exceptionally enjoyable, yet not readily available throughout the UK, so what we seek to do is provide the best the market has to offer, sent directly to your door, hassle free – just sit back and enjoy and you will build a better understanding alongside a superb collection.

Come and discover The Rum Club at the Spirit Show with tickets from just £40.

All tickets include UNLIMITED tastings from over 200 of the world’s finest spirits, a delicious dish from the Street Food Village and a limited edition tasting glass.


Our members area on our website has interesting features and comment which all helps to stimulate the collective rum experience.