Get to Know â—‡ Revolver Rum


In our “Get to Know” series we offer a deeper insight into the incredible brands we have coming to the Spirit Show London. Highlighting the wonderful people and intricate processes behind the brands.

Tell us a bit about Revolver Rum
Rathlee Distilling Company Limited was established in 2012 by Stuart & Paola Leather to create a new kind of rum, inspired by the blending of two cultures, the city of Bogota in Colombia, and the rugged coasts of Cornwall.

The outcome is Revolver Rum, a refreshing, smooth, light-bodied rum made in Latin America, blended with the purity of Cornish water.

What rums will you be bringing to the Spirit Show?
Revolver Rum (40.0% abv) Golden Rum 70cl

Describe the taste?
Tropical Fruit, Oak Flavour, Peppery Spice

Is Revolver best enjoyed mixed or neat?
Revolver Rum is best enjoyed as part of your favourite cocktail. It works so well in a mojito or daiquiri, or simply paired with locally made cloudy apple juice over ice.


Revolver Rum will be part of our ‘RUM ROW’ at the Spirit Show, showcasing incredible small batch Rum’s in production throughout the UK.

Come and try Revolver at the Spirit Show with tickets from just £40.

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