Get to Know Poetic License


In our “Get to Know” series we offer a deeper insight into the incredible brands we have coming to the Spirit Show London. Highlighting the wonderful people and intricate processes behind the brands.

Tell us a bit about Poetic License
Poetic License craft drinks for the wild spirits. We’re a small batch distillery making serious tasty tipples on our Gracie – a 500L pot still – up on the north east coastline. We create unforgettable flavours so you can enjoy our drinks with difference in mind.

Describe the taste in 3 words?
Big, punchy, unexpected

Why should I try it?
If you consider yourself a wild spirit – someone who doesn’t conform to the norm – who is on the look out for new flavour experiences, then give us a whirl! We promise to continually excite the taste buds and offer something unique for gin lovers.

Is Poetic License best enjoyed mixed or neat?
Use your Poetic License. We’re of the opinion there is no right or wrong way to do things. It is purely down to personal preference – we make spirits for you to enjoy however you see fit. Though we do have some tasty suggested serves which are mixed if you’re asking!

Where are the best places to enjoy Poetic License in London?
We love the London Gin Club – its a great little spot to enjoy not only our gin, but whole array of gins. If you’re after something fancy, you can enjoy our spirits in Aqua Shard along with some high-end nosh and top views.

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