Get to Know Parlay Rum


In our “Get to Know” series we offer a deeper insight into the incredible brands we have coming to the Spirit Show London. Highlighting the wonderful people and intricate processes behind the brands.

Below we speak with Craig Smith from Parlay Rum about how he started the brand and what he thinks sets it apart from the rest…

Tell us a bit about Parlay
Parlay Drinks Ltd is a new and exciting drinks brand with a goal to deliver unique and exciting drinks which all started with it’s Ultra black rum, launched in 2016. We aim to develop 2 more flavours to our Rum range with a White and Golden rum launching 2017. But… we won’t stop there, once we have our Rum range out on the seas we look at developing new and exciting wines and spirits to add to the Parlay brand.

What makes it different from other Rum brands? 
Parlay is unique in that I have designed and developed every aspect of the brand and the drink. From the label design, website, marketing, merchandise to the taste and unique flavours that go into creating a drinks brand that I feel will last and is scalable beyond just rum.

What products will you be bringing to the show? 
We will be bringing our Original Parlay – ultra black rum to the show with it’s ultra black smooth fruity flavour.

Describe the taste in 3 words
Smooth, Fruity & Warm

Why should I try it?
It’s a truly new and unique blend of flavours which are surprisingly smooth and leave a long lasting taste experience on your palette.

Is Parlay best enjoyed mixed or neat? 
Parlay ultra black rum can be enjoyed on the rocks as a sipping Rum but also mixes well with:

Parlay & Ginger Beer
Parlay & Cola
Parlay & Cream Soda


50ml – Parlay – ultra black rum
25ml – Campari
2 – dashes black walnut bitters
5ml – chocolate liquor

50ml – Parlay – ultra black rum
20ml – Lime Juice
10ml – Grenadine
1 – Egg White
1 – Lime wedge

50ml – Parlay – ultra black rum
20ml – Cherry Liquor
top up with cream soda

Do you have any predictions about what will be the next big spirits trend? 
I’m guessing RUM will be the next trend in the spirits world as we have had a number of years now with GIN being the crowned drink of choice for craft distillers, but I feel that it has now run its cause and will be over taken by a hoard of craft rum’s in 2017.

Parlay Rum will be part of our ‘RUM ROW’ at the Spirit Show, showcasing incredible small batch Rum’s in production throughout the UK.

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