Get to Know Elephant Gin


In our “Get to Know” series we offer a deeper insight into the incredible brands we have coming to the Spirit Show London. Highlighting the wonderful people and intricate processes behind the brands.

Tell us a bit about Elephant Gin
Elephant Gin combines a great passion for gin with the love for the African wildlife. In 2013, the company launched the award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin and in 2015 complemented its portfolio with an aromatic Elephant Sloe Gin. Both products are handcrafted in Germany and follow highest quality production standards. The company also gives back to what inspired the gin in the first place: 15% of all proceeds go to two African wildlife foundations that are committed to saving the African elephant from extinction.

What products will you be bringing to the show? 
Elephant London Dry Gin: award-winning London Dry Gin of 45% alcoholic volume, made with carefully selected ingredients that capture the spirit of Africa. Handcrafted in Germany with exceptionally high quality production standards, Elephant Gin is made using fourteen carefully sourced botanicals, including rare African ingredients to create a distinctive flavour profile. Won double-gold and Spirit-of-the-Year-Award at World Spirit Award 2016.

Elephant Sloe Gin: combines the taste of the premium London Dry Gin with the classic flavour of sloe berries. Compared to other Sloe Gins, it has a relatively low sugar content paired with a higher alcohol volume of 35%, making it ideally suited to mixing in cocktails as well as neat.

Describe the taste in 3 word
Complex. Herbaceaous. Smooth.

Why should I try it?
The combination of rare African botanicals and fresh apples (3rd biggest ingredient) is unlike anything that has been used in gin-making or you may have tasted before.

Are these best enjoyed mixed or neat?
Enjoy Elephant London Dry in a Martini or Martinez. Perfect Serve: gin & (premium) tonic with a slice of apple.

Elephant Sloe Gin is great neat or in a Negroni. Perfect Serve: gin & (premium) tonic with a drop of orange bitter and orange twist.

Where are the best places to enjoy Elephant Gin?
While traveling through the African bush or during urban exploration!

In London visit, Oriole/Night Jar, Oblix, Mr Foggs, Dukes Bar and Marks Bar for premium cocktail (adventures).

Elephant Gin’s bottles are custom-made, adorned with hand-written labels, embossed with a crest and sealed with natural cork. Each batch is named after past great tuskers or elephants that Elephant Gin’s partners currently help to protect.

Made in small batches, Elephant Gin is produced using the traditional method of copper still distillation.
The botanicals include the savannah’s superfruit Baobab, the extraordinary Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and the African Wormwood introducing a sharp floral note. Locally sourced spring water and fresh apples from around the distillery ingredients enhance the purity and smoothness of the gin.

Try Elephant Gin alongside a wide range of premium, craft and small batch Gins at the Spirit Show.

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