Zeca De Matos

Pioneering Cachaca comes to the Spirit Show London


Here at the Spirit Show London we’re aiming to excite visitors with wonderful spirits from across the globe. There are so many spectacular spirits in production all over the world which can remain undiscovered. Luckily we have some incredible speciality spirits at the show including cachaça from Zeca de Matos.

High in Brazil’s hidden and unexplored Minas Gerais region, the Matos family has been quietly producing artisan cachaca for over a hundred years. But now the secret is out, as fourth-generation Marcos Matos brings ZECA de Matos Cachaca to London the first time a cachaca brand has been launched outside Brazil.

Marcos is the proud grandson of Joseph Zeca de Matos, whose inspirational legacy lives on through this magical drink. Marcos proudly carries the family’s values and traditions forward into this global brand.

ZECA de Matos is distilled directly from the once-pressed sugar cane grown at high altitude on the Matos family estate and hand-crafted using traditional methods. The indigenous Tamandua anteaters roam the sugar cane gardens at night aiding in a natural pest control process. The resulting premium cachaça is perfectly balanced with hints of dark wood, spice and exotic botanicals.

The first bottles of ZECA de Matos Cachaca to arrive in the UK will have been produced from sugar cane harvested in 2013. This limited batch ethos ensures the quality and exclusivity of Zeca de Matos and is certain to appeal to discerning aficionados of this traditional Brazilian spirit.

With a vibrant, eye catching amethyst and oxidised copper logo featuring the Tamandua anteater ZECA de Matos Cachaca has arrived in the UK for 2016 drinking adventures. Bar tenders across London will now be mixing the perfect ZECA Caipirinha ZECArinha – and creating new and exciting cocktails featuring this most tantalising spirit.

ZECA de Matos Cachaca will be revolutionising how the cocktail scene views cachaca and we’re thrilled they will be coming to the Spirit Show London.

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