The Floating Rum Shack

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The Floating Rum Shack

We’re going to be Rumming & Relaxing with the Floating Rum Shack for the second edition of The Spirit Show. Rum Row will host exclusive craft, artisan and small batch Rums from some incredible distilleries from the UK, Caribbean and beyond!

Expect to go on a ‘tasting safari’ discovering smooth, delectable rums while learning more about the history of rum.

Peter Holland from The Floating Rum Shack said:

“After a fantastic first show, expectations are high for this year. With more and more exhibitors, the potential for ‘spiritual development’ looks better than ever. A proper tasting safari!

We’re aiming to ensure that everyone from rum virgin to experienced sipper gets something from the show, so that means presentations suitable for all. Not just concentrating exclusively on details like production, but how to get the best out of it as well and that means simple serves and cocktails. The coolest thing about the rum category is the diversity, as that means there’s something for everyone. Rum has history on its side and that means there’s generally a story and perhaps a little tradition as well!”