Brandy Glass Outline

Love Vodka? Then we have a very special addition to the show who will be showcasing some exceptional vodka brands at The Spirit Show. Girls.Drink.Vodka, your ultimate vodka guide, has partnered with The Spirit Show to create “Vodka Vibes” an are of the show dedicated to exquisite Vodka.

Veronika Karlova from Girls.Drink.Vodka said:

“The Spirit Show London brings together impressive selection of premium brands from around the world and we are delighted to be a part of this ultimate tasting event. You can expect top quality service; unique master classes and premium location. The Spirit Show London will definitely keep you in good spirits.

Girls.Drink.Vodka. is here to promote and manifest a modern vodka lifestyle hand in hand with popular and fashionable cocktails, trendy places and people from the fine bartending and dining hospitality industry. We travel, explore and recommend. It is a pure passion and desire from this crystal clear liquid that brings us here.”

Meet Veronika in the Vodka Vibes area of the show.  That girl knows her vodka and would love you to know all about it too!