The Cask Magazine

Ireland's new Whiskey Magazine launches


The Cask Magazine has been launched by three Dublin based whiskey enthusiasts – John Burke, David McIlhatton and John Luke Burke.

Hosted by Gavin D. Smith one of the world’s leading whisky writers and Suzanne Redmond, one of Ireland’s top bloggers on all things whiskey, the event to launch the magazine featured whiskey lovers from trade, retail and media.

“We established The Cask as a direct result of our passion for all things whiskey” says John Burke “We are starting a journey where we will seek out whiskies from every corner of the world so we can highlight our finds for our readers”

The magazine is divided into sections such as ‘On The Cask’ in which the team provides their own opinions on numerous whiskies following tasting sessions. The Cask team will also visit distilleries across the globe in order to feature the various distillation and maturing processes adapted by the leading distillers. “We are already very fortunate to have some of the world’s best known and renowned whiskey authors and writers on board” Burke states.

The Cask Magazine will be available in print edition in all good whiskey establishments in Ireland and also for free digital download from The Cask website –