Exclusive Trade-Only Session

We're offering free entry for trade visitors


Are you a bar owner or manager? A spirits buyer?  Member of the hospitality industry?  Then a visit to the The Spirits Show is a must.

The dedicated trade session will run ONLY on Friday 1st December with entry to the show from 13:00.

With a focus on craft, small batch spirits from independent distillers, The Spirit Show offers an unrivalled opportunity to discover and sample some incredible spirits you may not have had the chance to try before.

WSET will be running dedicated trade talks on the WSET Stage throughout the trade session, plus you’ll get chance to hear from award-winning social media gurus at Clarity Comms on How To Expand Your Brand Through Social Media. Not to be missed

13:30 WSET Spirits Qualifications: Commercial Benefits

The WSET’s spirits qualifications have recently undergone a massive overhaul, learn what’s new and how a qualification for you and your staff can offer a real return on investment. Presented by Liam Scandrett, WSET

14:30 An idiots guide to building a bar empire

After partnering with The Prince’s Trust, Springboard UK, The BII and The WSET. JJ is focussed on education and developing a community resource within the hospitality industry. His vision is to open doors within hospitality for Britain’s unemployed youth. Here, JJ will guide you on how to build your very own bar empire!   Presented by JJ Goodman, London Cocktail Club

15:30 The DNA of Vodka, is it just water and alcohol?

During this session, Will Borrell will take you through the history and production of vodka, with samples produced from wheat, potato and milk. To round off this dynamic take on this much maligned spirit he will be rectifying live with a 2.5 litre still to separate the alcohol from the water, which will allow attendees to experience the esters and fusel oils present in the distillate.  Presented by William Borrell, Ladies & Gentleman

16:30 Creating a Culture of Education in Combatting Staff Turnover

High turnover of staff is the biggest headache out there for hospitality employers, with the American Restaurant Association estimating a cost of $5864 attached to the loss of a typical front-line employee. With millennials more interested in personal development than monetary recompense it’s shown that a strong education program can slow the turn and burn of your team, so how do you create a environment that fosters and rewards development? The Mixing Class will present their preliminary findings from their international research piece into demographics and education within the cocktail and spirits industry.  Presented by Hannah Lanfear, The Mixing Class


14:45 on The Fentimans Cocktail Stage, “How To Expand Your Brand Through Social Media”, Clarity Comms


Seats available for all sessions on a first-come first-serve basis at the show.

To apply for trade tickets please email sales@thespiritshow.co.uk including your name, job title & company.