The Floating Rum Shack

The Floating Rum Shack is coming to the Spirit Show London


The Spirit Show London’s intent is to educate, excite and whet the appetite of our consumers taking them on a journey across the globe exploring the world’s finest spirits.

To help with this task we have enlisted the expertise of some of the best spirit connoisseurs in the business, to help us give a world class experience to our visitors.

When trying to think of experts in Rum they don’t come much better than The Floating Rum Shack.

Starting as a hobby, and a means of recording what they learnt, the Floating Rum Shack quickly became more than that. It is now a renowned website sharing a love of all things rum alongside reviewing the world’s best sugar cane spirits.

Husband and wife team Peter & Pauline assumed the role of independent Rum ambassadors to promote the spirit category they love so much. They’ve travelled extensively to rum producers around the Caribbean and beyond, getting a sense for the variations in production style and cultural influence that is just as important, and we’re thrilled to have them working with The Spirit Show.

Below we asked Peter a few questions about Rum and The Spirit Show:

What are your plans to promote Rum at the Spirit Show?

The category of rum is both fun and tasty, but can be quite confusing for the uninitiated. There can be dramatic differences in style and therefore flavourĀ – I can demystify these differences and help everyone find the rum for them.

How do you intend to help people find their perfect Rum?

If you were brand new to whisky, diving straight into a cask strength Laphroaig might be a risk and could be off-putting.

The same can be said for rum, both overpowering or perhaps underwhelming or sweet. Overly simplified categorisations of white, gold and dark rum abound, as do English, Spanish and French styles.

What about cachaca? Is there common ground? What is the USP? If I like one type, will there be others in a similar vein? There is nothing more rewarding than working through all of this, well not unless we do it all with a glass of something tasty in hand!

Why is Rum important to the show?

Rum is truly a spirit of the world, with a diverse background story and history that adds to the interest. The UK has somewhat forgotten its centuries long love affair with this noble spirit and it is time to change that.

How will the Spirit Show help with that?

The Spirit Show has all the potential to bring together these different styles and tasting experiences under one roof and giving the exploring spirit enthusiast the best opportunity to make an informed decision and appropriate purchase opportunity.

The Floating Rum Shack.