BarChick x Spirit Show London

Our Partnership with London Bar guide Barchick


Our partnership with BarChick the essential guide to the best bars in London and free concierge service.

Our main target market for the Spirit Show is London based drinkers. Consumers who live and work in the city or live within commuting distance who are regulars on the London Bar scene. Consumers who are conscious about where they drink, and seek out cool and alternative places to enjoy their tipples, from Japanese whisky specialist bars to inventive cocktail pop ups.

To access this mass of consumers we’ve teamed up BarChick, the independent guide to the best bars in the world. They are the bar and cocktail experts, lifestyle writers and night owls who know where the party’s at.

Alongside, a guide to the best bars in town, BarChick have a free concierge service that’s kind of like WhatsApp, but for bars. Messaging through SMS, Facebook, on the website and soon-to-be app, you can instantly chat to a real life BarChick and get recommended and booked into the best bars.

It’s a revolutionary completely free service and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them for the Spirit Show.

We will be pushing BarChick both in the run up to and during the show, ensuring our visitors know to contact BarChick if they wish to carry on the night in London’s hottest bars. BarChick will also be promoting the Spirit Show to their huge database of London consumers.

If you would like to get involved in the Spirit Show please contact

See more on BarChick here.

Image courtesy of London Cocktail Club.