U'Luvka Vodka

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U'Luvka Vodka

U’luvka is most awarded vodka in the world. We have receive over 72 international awards to date including best super premium vodka in the world 6 times since launch!

“Wodka” essentially means water in Polish and back in the 16th Century it was probably safer than actually drinking the local water.

Distillation methods were still somewhat crude by today’s standards so in a bid to prevent affairs of state from grinding to a halt, the King and Queen commissioned their court alchemist Sendivogius to create a spirit of such exceptional balance and purity that it would be demanded by name.

He applied his alchemical skill and knowledge and created a royal elixir of rare quality and purity.

Today U’Luvka is Polish vodka reimagined – the tradition has been embraced and restyled by our very modern day female alchemist Elizbieta Gołdyka.

Alchemy is all about achieving transformation through an appreciation of essential principles.

This is the essence of U’Luvka. The result is yours to enjoy.