Sam Sake

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Sam Sake

Sam Sake is an independent importer of quality Japanese Sake and Shochu from 14 breweries stretching from the cold North of Japan to the sub-tropical southern island of Amami Oshima.

Sake is fermented in a similar manner to beer yet drinks more like a wine and our wide range of Sake makes an excellent accompaniment to both European and Japanese cuisine and includes sparkling

and fruit infused Sake such as Umeshu plum sake and a sparkling Japanese Yuzu sake which is a uniquely flavoured citrus fruit from the Far East.

Our Shochu is an eclectic range of intriguing flavours of distilled spirits made from several different raw materials including rice, roasted barley, brown sugar, green tea and water chestnut.

Within our range we have a number of products with very distinctive flavours which make an interesting addition to your drinks menu and we will be presenting a sparkling sake, an umeshu plum sake, a sparkling yuzu sake, a rice shochu infused with green tea and a brown sugar shochu at The Spirit Show 2018.

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