Roasted Fava Beans

Brandy Glass Outline

We know the feeling; you get to the end of the week and really fancy a drink. You’ve ticked off the gym and stuck to your diet (mostly…). You order your drink and decide you fancy a snack too – what’s the choice: crisps…peanuts…? Not that inspiring really!

That’s why, after we moved to Barcelona and saw how they do it in the Med, we created PULSÍTOS.

Our Fava Beans are grown and roasted in Britain then seasoned with natural tastes of Barcelona – combining the best of British produce with Mediterranean zest.

Not only are our roasted beans full of flavour, they are good for you too. High in protein and fibre and low in fat, meaning you’ll stay fuller for longer. Our Lightly Sea Salted and Mediterranean Herb are suitable for vegans and our Smoky Chorizo gives vegetarians all the protein and taste without any of the meat.

Whether it’s a supremely crafted G&T, a crisp Vodka & Soda or a perfectly balanced cocktail, our range of Roasted Fava Beans are the perfect snack accompaniment to your aperitivo.

London aperitivo time is about to get a whole lot more Mediterranean…and our PULSÍTOS are racing!