Brandy Glass Outline

Père Magloire welcomes you warmly to the world of Calvados, the fruit of Normandy. Père Magloire maintains a position as the market leader brand of Calvados both in France and throughout the world. Making Calvados requires several steps, and each step calls on know-how, passion and specific skills. Everything begins in the orchards where specific apple varieties are grown, grouped under the classifications sweet, bitter-sweet, bitter and tart.

After harvesting, these apples will leave the orchards and cider will be made. Distillation of the cider follows to create the brandy, then the patient work of the cellar master begins in the secret cellars and the time of ageing has come…

The apples are the pride of Normandy; the temperature, climate and the undulating meadows are ideal for the production of cider apples. Single distillation (Père Magloire 12yo) can be achieved through a column still, or in a traditional pot still for double distillation (VSOP and XO).

After distillation the young Calvados enters into the maturing phase in oak barrels. During the ageing the mysterious exchange between the Calvados, air and the tannins of the wood give the distilled spirit its colour, complexity and roundness.