Brandy Glass Outline

When you drink Lanique, you’re drinking Spirit of Rose, a flower that has been the muse of artists from da Vinci to Rosetti, the subject of countless works of art and the symbol of ancient kings and emperors.

Lanique is distilled from Attar of Rose, a liquid as valuable as gold. This exotic essential  ingredient is created from steam- distilling thousands of handpicked rose petals from the Middle East. It is then infused in fine grain spirit for an all-natural flavour and colour.

This unique drink was first discovered and enjoyed over 200 years ago amongst the elite societies of the Kingdom of Prussia, the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, imbibed at their grand celebrations and balls.

Lanique was cherished all the way through to the roaring 1920s, but disappeared during the Second World War, when the availability of the rose petals dried up.

Following the reopening of Eastern Europe in the 1990’s, the long lost recipe was reborn. Lanique is now distilled in the UK and continues to use the original recipe which has remained the same for over 200 years, continuing to add a splash of sophistication to any occasion.