Jawbox Gin

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Jawbox Gin

The brainchild of Belfast-barman, Gerry White, Jawbox Gin was first introduced some 18 months ago. Named after the ever-celebrated Belfast sink, colloquially known as the ‘Jawbox’, this classic dry gin is an ode to a time when the front door was left unlocked and the scullery was home to the heart of the kitchen, the big sink, where the craic was heard and unforgettable stories were shared. Inspired by the magnificent industrial era of Northern Irish history when ordinary men and women put Belfast on the map for hard graft and craft, Jawbox is a modern expression of this traditional, impressive and uncompromising character.

The Echlinville Estate in the heartland of the Ards Peninsula dates back to the 16th century and is home to The Jawbox Distillery and the fields where its grain is grown and harvested. It is here where things are done the hard way, for the right reasons.

First, the grain is distilled slowly in a tradition copper pot still, a careful selection of botanicals including local Black Mountain heather are then steeped overnight in the warmed spirit releasing their maximum influence and preserving their delicate flavours and aromas.

On the nose, Jawbox is an impressive experience of bold juniper and pine, balanced with a gentle touch of sweet coriander and clean citrus. More complex on the palate, citrus and juniper develop into peppery, earthy Angelica root, finishing with citrus and lingering juniper and pine.

A celebration of Northern Ireland in every possible way, the preferred Jawbox serve calls on a locally invented accompaniment, ginger ale. To enjoy the Perfect Swerve, pour 50ml Jawbox into an ice-filled glass, topping up with premium Ginger Ale and garnishing with a wedge of zesty lime.
At the show, experience The Perfect Swerve and meet with Jawbox founder, Gerry White.