Gunpowder Gin

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Gunpowder Gin

In deepest rural Ireland sits a shed at the edge of a quiet lake in the small Irish town of Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. This is home to The Shed Distillery – the gin laboratory of PJ Rigney, founder of Gunpowder Irish Gin. Slow-distilled by hand in medieval copper pot stills, this gin sees the possibilities that others don’t – its willingness to set aside the tried and tested and venture into uncharted territory brings unrelated things together for the very first time – Irish curiosity, nature’s finest oriental botanicals and gunpowder tea.

The eclectic array of ingredients are assembled by PJ and the slow distillation journey begins. Eight botanicals including juniper, meadowsweet, star anise and coriander are carefully assessed and added to the copper pot still. At the right moment, the gunpowder tea along with Chinese lemon, Kaffir lime and Oriental grapefruit are added to the vapour basket the fusion starts. After a resting period, the unmistakable blue bottles are hand-filled, hand-labelled.

At the show, hear the adventurous story of how this impressive gin began and experience its unique tastefirst hand.

To enjoy, pour 40ml of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin into an ice-filled glass. Top up with a chilled, premium tonic and garnish with a generous wedge of red grapefruit.