Greensand Ridge

London Dry Gin & Raspberry Ghost Gin

Brandy Glass Outline
Greensand Ridge

Greensand Ridge Distillery is a sustainable micro-distillery based in the Weald of Kent, from where they produce mouthwatering spirits true to the lands around them. Core lines of Gin, Honey Rum and Apple Brandy, are complemented by limited editions, the result of working with farmers to ferment and distill surplus produce.

The London Dry Gin is lovingly distilled from fifteen botanicals, eight of which grow within a mile of the distillery making this spirit a unique countryside spirit packed with flavour and complexity.

Our Raspberry Ghost captures the flavour of delicious Kentish raspberries at the peak of their aromatic ripeness. A true Eau de Vie, its delicate berry aroma can be enjoyed neat, in a Martini, a Sour or simply with soda or fizz.


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