Greensand Ridge

London Dry Gin & Raspberry Ghost Gin

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Greensand Ridge

Greensand Ridge specialises in Gin, Fruit Brandies and Rums, making spirits with a local influence, using sustainable practices and turning surplus produce from local growers into fine spirits.

Our watchwords are quality, provenance and sustainability. Quality because we use the best ingredients and equipment and slavishly work to make sure our spirits taste wonderful; provenance because our spirits use and reflect the amazing produce of the lands around us and are made in our own distillery deep in the countryside; sustainability because we tread lightly on the lands (e.g. 100% renewable power, target zero waste and chemical use) while benefiting our community by working with farmers to ferment and distil quality surplus produce. Raspberries become a raspberry eau-de-vie, apples and plums become brandies.

As with our other spirits, our Gins echo the produce found in the lands around the distillery. Amongst other awards, our Gin has won Gold at the world spirits masters and it uses a delicately balanced mix of local botanicals including cobnuts, gorse flowers and bay laurel to craft a gin of distinction with remarkable smoothness and a luxurious silken mouthfeel.

Greensand Ridge are one of a new generation of craft distillers happy not to stay confined within established categories of spirit and are making wonderful creations with ethics at the core.


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