Brandy Glass Outline

GIN EVA an Artisan Gin distilled in Mallorca – Majorca, with locally grown botanicals.  Each batch is small, unique and exclusively “distilled to perfection” producing just 70 bottles per distillation.

All GIN EVA gins are produced over weeks rather than days, as the botanicals are steeped in pure
grain spirit, before distilling using a 150-litre copper still. The spirit is then left to rest for several
weeks to harmonize the aroma and flavour. The long maceration time is a slow process but well worth the effort. GIN EVA is then bottled and ready to taste! GIN EVA Signature Gin is citrus based, using sun ripened Lemons and Oranges. A small handful of traditional botanicals are added to the distillate with Phoenician Juniper berries that grow wild on the sea shore giving a unique salty sea taste.