Finist Trading

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Finist Trading

Supreme vodka Finist is a new super-premium product from an independent vodka company from Russia uniting the most renowned spirits experts. Our team is behind more than 30 successful vodka brands. Four of them have been regularly listed in the DI Millionaires’ Club.

Our vodka is mild and natural in taste with “crystal vibes” on finish. To ensure this, we have developed and strictly following the principles of “pristine purity” to retain its natural and original taste.

Our principles are:

  1. “Small Batch” – our vodka is produced only by small batches. It makes it possible to select the spirit with unique natural taste for each batch individually.
  2. “No charcoal treatment” – we do not use charcoal because it modifies the initial natural taste. Instead, we treat the batch with our SilverHorn facility, which helps make the taste more prominent and highlight its various notes without oxidation.
  3. “No additives” – we do not use taste modifiers or additives to keep our unique composition untouched.


Apart from this, we have a unique eye-catching bottle with a specially designed easy-opening closure.

Finist is a falcon and remarkable hero of the Russian epos. His brave and friendly character is the symbol of our Product.