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“A Taste of the Exotic is on offer with every sip of Elcee’s. Red is the new chic!”

Elcee’s is a British premium cocktail brand consisting of an alcoholic cocktail and non-alcoholic punch. The original alcoholic recipe was created by the founder Larry Coker in 2002.

Time was spent perfecting the recipe and after successfully catering for large events, it became apparent that this filled a void in the market place. A premium alcoholic cocktail, refreshing and ready to drink, and a premium non-alcoholic drink with no compromise on taste, giving the option to enjoy a cocktail along side anyone drinking alcohol.

Both drinks are a combination of tropical fruit juices, ginger-beer, cherry flavouring, lychee, spring water. Elcee’s Alcoholic Cocktail adds red wine and white overproof rum.

They serve straight out of the bottle as refreshing cocktails, but as an added element, while they are great on their own, you can add them to other drinks to create your own cocktails or mocktails.