Decision Vodka

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Decision Vodka

There are vodkas of exception which are perceived by their freshness and their aromatic complexity.

Such is vodka “DECISION,” born from the excellence of the craftsmen through their knowledge of the French Terrain from where it originates, and, of course, the secrets of its manufacturing process from which it derives its intensity and structure.

Nose: Led by its aromatic delicacy, with a hint of Bison Grass and Tarragon

Palate: Its’ substance reveals a natural vegetable bitterness followed by a freshness of spice and wheat which is expressed by its mineral purity,
its substance reveals a natural tension which is expressed by its mineral purity, its fruity intensity and a spellbinding biting touch.

Finale: Almost floral with a delicate undertone of Daffodil and Mimosa, it also captures the subtle tone of the pebbles from its’ natural source of demineralized water of Gensac – an area named after the Gironde Estuary – its famous waterway. Also known for its Bordeaux wine region and famous for its Armagnac.

A taste that sits anywhere between a lunch time tipple and a Luxurious Cocktail.