Black Tomato Gin

From Dutch VOC Gin

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Black Tomato Gin

The founders of Black Tomato Gin are 2 original “Zeelanders” Léon Meijers and Alfred Sandee of Dutch VOC Gin.

CEO Léon Meijers: “We wanted to create a distinctive artisan gin and opted
for the tasteful black tomato. We also go for organic and we use
organic alcohol, organic juniper berries and black organically grown tomatoes
from a breed that was formed by selection and not by genetic engineering.
Besides botanicals, we add a touch of purifi ed salt water from the Oosterschelde,
which gives a very light touch of salt to the gin. The Oosterschelde
is the biggest “wet” nature parc of the Netherlands”.

Black Tomato Gin goes into a G & T well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
or mix it with the spicy Big Tom tomato juice for a delicious Red Snapper.