Bishop's Gin

from Ponet Spirits

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Bishop's Gin

Bishop’s Gin takes its name from Englishman John Ponet, Bishop of Rochester and then Winchester in the 1550s. A reformer who questioned the divine right of kings and fought for religious freedoms, for example, he was controversial thinker in his time. His Belgian descendants would go on to found the Ponet distillery, in Hasselt 1763 and now in the 21st century Thierry Ponet is reviving the spirit of both. Bishop’s Gin is a London dry made with 8 botanicals including juniper nasturtium (also known as tropaeolum) and lemongrass.

The core business of Ponet Spirits is to build a collection of spirits of excellence by working with the best local artisans and sourcing the finest ingredients worldwide to create products that meet the expectations of the most demanding spirit lovers.

Each bottle is inspired by a story and a provenance to reveal the craftsmanship of the makers and the wealth of its aromatic range.


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