The BenRiach

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The BenRiach

Distillery founder, John Duff, travelled to Kentucky and South Africa in pursuit of whisky adventures, returning to Scotland in 1898 to build the BenRiach distillery in north Speyside. It is in his adventurous spirit that BenRiach boldly approaches the art of distillation and cask maturation, pushing the boundaries of malt alchemy like few others. An unconventional Speyside whisky distiller, BenRiach distills a ‘troika’ of malt whisky styles – unpeated, peated and triple distilled – and holds some of the most experimental casks in Speyside. Small wonder the distillery team have nicknamed the distillery ‘The Lab’. The distillery is also one of the two remaining distilleries in Speyside to distill whisky using malted barley from its own on-site floor maltings, a time honoured method that is celebrated for one month each year.